CampGurus: Episode 2: Bacon & Eggs in a Paper Bag, HOT Chip Tasting Contest, and Heise Hot Springs

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In our second big YouTube episode, our niece and nephew join us to make bacon & eggs in a paper bag… but not until they first have a hot chip tasting competition with Bart and Xander! This week we head to Heise Hot Springs in Ririe, Idaho. A favorite place for kids and families – you can go hiking, ATVing, mountain biking, zip lining, fishing, or swimming or soaking in the natural-pool hot springs. The smaller pool is warm and has some hot tubs – the larger pool is a little cooler with a water slide and diving boards! There is also a small golf course, with After Bart dumps chips on the fire and ruins our perfect coals (haha), we get right to making our masterpiece. See how they turn out!

Here’s a few links you may be interested in, as well as our recipe for Bacon & Eggs in a Paper Bag!

Quick Review of Andersen Trailer Jack Block on WET, Mucky Ground

We do sell most Andersen products… and we use them! We have 6 of the Trailer Jack Blocks with magnets, and we use them every time we go out. If you would like to check them out, you can view them (as well as an Andersen video about them) right here –> Andersen Trailer Jack Block with Magnets

Reserving Your Campsite at Heise Hot Springs

Here’s the link to reserve your campsite at Heise Hot Springs, if you feel so inclined! Just wanted to make it easy for you to find it –> Reserve My Spot at Heise Hot Springs. You can also check out the zip lining, swimming, golfing, and fishing on that same website!

Campfire Recipe: Bacon & Eggs in a Paper Bag

This will feed ONE person per bag! Ingredients: 2 or 3 pieces of bacon, cut in half 1 or 2 eggs Tools: 1 paper bag – we used a small, brown bag – the perfect size for a school lunch Charcoal is ideal Directions:
  • Take a slice of bacon, and rub all around the bottom and a little way up the edges of your brown, paper bag – kind of like you are greasing a pan.
  • Put your bacon on the bottom of the bag – lay it flat, but completely cover the bottom of the bag
  • Once the bacon is layered on the bottom of the bag, crack your egg over the top of the bacon in the bag
  • Put the bag on the coal embers – do NOT put this over a flaming fire. If you put this over open flame, your bag may catch on fire and be a flaming, fiery ball!!
  • Cook for about 15 minutes… when the egg is all cooked up, and the bacon looks cooked through, cut the top off the bag… and eat it right from the bag!
  • Enjoy! 🙂

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