Drink Stakes? Say WHAT? :D

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We don’t know about you, but where we live it has been COLD (in IDAHO). Which, sadly for us… means no camping… because we like to be somewhat extreme…. but not TOO extreme… if you know what we mean! ACTUALLY, Bart is all about extreme, but Sunny – well, not so much! Haha! We’ve been itching to go, so we decided to scratch that itch by seeing what the latest and greatest in the camping world is… we want to be 100% ready to hit the ground running when the weather warms up! Have you ever heard of a drink holder stake? We hadn’t! But it’s super cool! You just put the stake down in the grass, dirt, or sand and you have yourself a sturdy drink holder. The colors are bright and fun. The height is perfect. They have little flags on the bottom, which make it easy to get into the ground. It is made to fit a large number of drinks – we LOVE the variety of how many different-sized drinks you can put in them! These are perfect for when you’re standing around the fire, or playing yard games with loved ones. We highly recommend this!

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