Family Camping… A Family of 14 in One RV!

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I recently came across a blog post about some seriously cool family camping blogs… some in RVs, some in tents. My favorite was reading about “the Kellogg Show” – a family of 14 living and adventuring in a 36′ RV. Seems like a little chaos would be the norm for each day! But what an amazing way to spend time together and create some amazing memories. This family homeschools their kids, and they seek local experiences wherever they go… from kayaking to climbing to biking to snowboarding. Yes, it would take a business that allows you to hit the road for good – the father, Dan, is a self-employed software engineer. So – as long as there is wi-fi around, they’re good to go! If you would like to follow the Kellogg Family, be sure to check out their blog at THE KELLOGG SHOW.

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