No More Stinky RV Sewage Smell

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Hello CampGurus!   Today’s subject is a little crappy… (if you know what we mean)… BUT it is something that we can’t avoid! We did a ton of research to figure out ways to get rid of the good ole sewage smell. Here is what we found!
The first thing we found is pretty awesome and SUPER simple. Just add a few cups of your favorite smelling Downy and boom you’re good for the next couple of days! Downy is biodegradable and it will not ruin the seals!      
    Along with the Downy you can also put a couple of caps of liquid Calgon water softener to your holding tank.    
  A second option is using two parts Borax and one part Tide. This will do just about the same thing as Downy will! Some people just prefer this a little more.     
  To help with the smell of urine you can add ¼ cup of ammonia! This will help clear up that smell in a jiffy!
  Bleach is another option as well…. Just make sure you don’t use a ton of it so you aren’t ruining your tanks or the campsite!  
We hope these tips helped you! If there is anything else that you do different leave a comment below!   Happy Camping!  

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